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Why fiberglass pool?

Inground pools that last a lifetime!

Inground fiberglass pools are now the primary option for an inground pool buyer due to their faster construction time, the longevity of the use, and limited maintenance requirements. It was a long journey for the industry to take this winning position, and it has now become the leader in the race for a better poolscape product. Why do you ask? Fiberglass swimming pools have the most durable composite materials in their construction core compared to gunite/concrete pools, and they are the easiest and cheapest to maintain. Our inground fiberglass pools are built with the highest quality composite materials utilizing the latest industry technologies. As a result, all our swimming pools are as strong as they are beautiful.

Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Second to None

Inground Pool Wonder

Fiberglass Pools!

Minimalist style

Sometimes less is more!

Fiberglass pool styles, shapes and sizes

Choose your swimming pool!

We proudly present a collection of inground fiberglass pools for every backyard size, personal taste, and budget. You can find swimming pool styles ranging from timeless classics to a modern minimalist style pool, from freeform natural lagoon shape to rectangular clean line style, from simple to a modular combination with an infusion of tanning ledges, splash decks, and spas. Anything to make your poolscapes design stand out from your neighborhood.

Fiberglass pool elements

Addon Features and Modular Designs

If you are looking for something more than just a simple pool or with a built-in spa or splash deck, and you want to have an utterly custom-designed poolscape, you can add modular spas, tanning ledges, or splash decks. Make them raised to create spillover cascades into the pool or build them flash to the pool level. Then, make your new pool heated with saltwater sanitization and beautifully illuminated with underwater LED color-changing lights for nighttime pleasure. From basic to a fully customized package to accommodate any desire. Your creativity is the limit to what you can do with the fiberglass pool!

Swimming pool features

Unlimited options

Imagine It

Go wild in your desires and make your poolscape design to become your gateway to an alternative reality.


Splash Decks & Tanning Ledges

Spillover Spa for your fiberglass swimming pool

Health & Therapy

Tanning ledges built-in and stand-alone

Perfect place for relaxation

Add water deck to your pool

Enhance your new inground fiberglass pool with a modular tanning ledge or splash deck. Splash decks and tanning ledges for esthetics and pleasure introduce spillways to create cascade effects without adding different waterfalls - perfect balance of functionality and visual attraction.


freeform fiberglass pool with splash deck
freeform fiberglass pool with splash deck

Water Decks Showcase

Look at those beautiful water decks making any poolscape design functional and esthetic addition. Perfect place for children and small pets to play around and has excellent cascading features to bring a soothing and calming effect. These splash decks will be a definite thumb up from all your family members, guests, and neighbors.

Splash decks pictures

Photo Gallery

We can only show that much of what these splash decks and tanning ledges can do for your total poolscape design. However, there is no limit to your imagination! Some buyers incorporate not just one water deck but multiple to get their desired designs.

Inground SPAs

Fiberglass inground Spa

Health & Therapy

Spillways for enhanced cascades visual effects

Therapy and relaxation

Add spa to your pool

Empower your new swimming pool with a modular Spa for therapy and relaxation, implement spillways for enhanced cascades visual effects.


fiberglass pool with spillover spa
fiberglass pool with spillover spa

Inground SPA Showcase

Inground Spas and whirlpools are used not only for pleasure and therapeutic experience but also for the aesthetic enhancement of the poolscape design since they can replace the waterfalls and cascades yet bring extensive functionality to the homeowners, their families members, and their peers.

Spa pictures

Spa Showcase Gallery

The spa can be installed as a part of the pool settings or be away as a stand-alone unit. It can be built with the same pool level, or it can be raised and have multiple spillover cascades depending on the spa configuration.

Most frequently asked questions about inground fiberglass pools.

Buyers concerns

Every pool buyer has questions and concerns when they are searching for a perfect poolscape solution. For example, what inground pool type is best? Or how much will it cost to build a pool? If you want to speak with someone you know, you can always contact us for a consultation!

Inground pool cost?

The cost of fiberglass pools depends on the size of the pool. Due to price variation for quarry materials and excavation material disposal, it depends on the package and project location. In today's market, the simple calculation is $1,700 to $2,300 per linear foot. If the desired pool is 40' long, you will be looking at about $65,000 to $95,000 standard turnkey. 30' long pool could cost about $50,000 to $70,000 for standard turnkey. Also, production location plays one of the critical roles due to the high freight cost.

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Concrete vs. liner vs fiberglass pools

Vinyl liners are entry-level pools and require more intensive maintenance and protection, not kids or pets-friendly due to liner vulnerability. The liner will need to be occasionally changed. In addition, the cost of water chemicals is higher.

Concrete or Gunite swimming pools are the most expensive to buy, have a rough surface, and require resurfacing after some time, which is very expensive. Construction time can range from 3-6 months. In addition, the cost of water chemicals is much higher.

Fiberglass swimming pools are maintenance-free with nonporous surfaces that never need to be resurfaced or changed. Construction time is much quicker. The cost of water chemicals is minimal.

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How long does it take to build an inground pool?

Standard construction time will vary depending on the pool type, size, added features, and project location. Also, some backyards are more accessible to dig than others.

Here is the list of steps required for pool construction:

  • - Township permits
  • - Standard excavation
  • - Rebar, plumbing, and pre-electrical setup
  • - Pool installation / construction
  • - Electrical
  • - Pool deck / bond-beam

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Finance poolscape project with SPN

As an inground fiberglass pool supplier, SPN meets you halfway with pool financing options. If you’re strapped for cash, you may qualify for a favorable loan program with fixed rates. You may finance up to $500,000 for your poolscape project and the entire home improvement project and have your pool installed straight away.

There are several financing companies on the market, and they all get the job done. The difference between them is whether or not they offer 100% direct-to-consumer funding and no-stage funding. It means some companies don’t release funds to the homeowner but rather to constructors, and they do it based on the preset stages. For example, SPN offers 100% direct-to-consumer no-stage funding so the homeowner can completely control how they want to spend their money.

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Will an inground pool increase value of my house?

According to the Architectural Digest, adding a swimming pool is a 100 percent sure way to increase a home’s value. Copings and tanning ledges or wet decks – wide, shallow in-pool shelves that let you cool off without venturing all the way into the water, they’re trendy in today’s market. Likewise, landscaping, hardscaping such as patios, walkways, or gazebos, and lighting are absolutely crucial in the house’s future value.

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Can a fiberglass pool pop out of the ground?

A correctly installed fiberglass inground pool will never pop up after the concrete bond beam is poured, it will remains full of water, and a dewatering pipe is installed.

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Fiberglass pools warranty

Not every fiberglass pool is created equal! Most of our fiberglass pools are from the Eminence Pools brand and built by Latham Pools, the largest pool manufacturer in the world. Latham Pools offers the most comprehensive warranty that can be transferred to a new home buyer. It means if you sell your house, you can transfer the pool warranty to a new homeowner.

Fiberglass pools are the only pool type that can raise the value of your home due to the extensive pool warranty and its transferability.

Frequently asked questions about fiberglass pools

Underwater Pool Lights

Bring your new inground fiberglass pool to the next level with 6 color-changing underwater LED lights. Make your light color anything you want with the lights remote control.

Underwater LED 6-color lights


Underwater pool lights


Choose your fiberglass pool package

Diversified pool offerings

What pool builders don't want you to know is that you can actually save a lot of money if you decide to become your own general contractor for the duration of your poolscape project. Yes, it will take time, and yes, it might be difficult, but in the end, the cost savings can be worth the haste. You can buy just the pool DIY kit or Eminence Pools assisted pools DIY package to ensure you can still get a warranty while building on your own. Use this program to call the shots and control all installation steps the way you want. If you think being a general contractor is not for you, you can always choose the turnkey poolscape package, so you don't have to lift a finger.

As a note, not every pool will be qualified for a basic DIY pool kit due to the manufacturer's restrictions. Select your fiberglass pool model and package and inquire for more detailed information.

Pools DIY

Fiberglass pools DIY kits for handymen to save on the cost

dig, drop and set fiberglass pools

Limited Installation

Limited pool installation near me for GC type homeowner

turnkey construction of fiberglass swimming pools

Turnkey Construction

Inground pool installation with pool deck and patio

Exquisite color for exquisite pool, lifelong and maintenance-free pool finish

Pool Surface Colors

Choose the color for your in-ground fiberglass swimming pool. Select from diamond-looking light color to the very dark pool color and everything in between. Make your water look like water on the sand beach or lagoon beach, or gravel beach. You can have the color of your pool water to have almost any shade of blue from dark, aqua, pale, or light. G2 series pool colors are a standard option. G3 colors have extra diamond-looking sparks and are available as an additional option.

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