Large Round SPA

Large round fiberglass inground SPA
  • Width: 9’-8"
  • Length: 9’-8"
  • Depth: Flat 3’-4"
  • Gallonage: 950 gallons
  • Weight: 550 pounds
  • Surface Area: 64 square feet
  • Perimeter 28 feet
  • Trademark Name: Mystic

Round inground spa model

Large Round Spa

The Round Large model is a larger-sized in-ground fiberglass SPA. It incorporates 3 built-in entry steps and a continuous sitting bench all around the spa. In addition, SPA can be built with 1 spillway for spillover functionality and aesthetic looks.

Large round fiberglass inground SPA

Large round inground fiberglass Spa

Slip Resistant Steps

Slip-resistant steps offer secure entry into the swimming pool. It is essential to have a safer option for entering the swimming pool, especially for children and older swimmers. All pool entry steps are gentle to the touch and help ensure safety.

Lifetime Warranty

Latham products are known for their innovative technical features, with many exclusive and patented. All innovations are to improve pool performance and extend pool life. In addition, all fiberglass pools come with the most extended and most robust warranties in the industry. Please visit for more information about this fiberglass pool warranty.

Crystite Color Technology

Latham introduced Crystite Colors and Crystite Technology to the swimming pool industry in 1995. Over the past 24 years, they have become the fiberglass swimming pool industry’s premier color leading-edge technology.

Fiberglass Laminate Construction

Latham’s fiberglass pools are the strongest in the industry due to Reinforced Ribbing, Carbon Fiber, Biaxal, and Ceramic Infused Polyester combined with Pure VE Fiberglass, which allowed to achieve increases the strength/flexural stiffness of their shells by 32%.

Fiberglass inground spa

Round Spa Gallery

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Color Collection

Spa Surface Colors

Choose the color for your fiberglass inground swimming pool, spa, and splash deck. Select from diamond-looking light color to the very dark pool color and everything in between. Make your water look like water on the sand beach or lagoon beach, or gravel beach. You can have the color of your pool water to have almost any shade of blue from dark, aqua, pale, or light. G2 series pool colors are a standard option. G3 colors have extra diamond-looking sparks and are available as an additional option.

G3 Pool Colors Addition

Make it shine

Significant color upgrade for your new inground fiberglass pool.

Underwater Pool Lights

The Night Life

Bring your pool to the next level with LED 6 color-changing underwater lights. Make the color anything you want with the lights remote control.

Underwater pool lights


Six colors LED wonder to illuminate your night swimming.

Light up your pool

Multi-Color LED

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Note: Pool dimensions (lengths, widths, and depths) may vary up to 3% per manufacturer disclaimer. Measurements are to the widest point on each side of the outside edge. Pools are non-diving, and the use of diving equipment is prohibited.

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