Inground pool vs value of the house
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Will an inground swimming pool increase value of my house?

Not every pool is created equal, nor any swimming pool will add value to the house value. And the current value of the house is definitely a significant factor in future evaluation. The higher the cost of the property, the higher potential it will have in recouping the pool construction cost.


According to the Architectural Digest, adding a swimming pool is a 100 percent sure way to increase a home’s value. Copings and tanning ledges or wet decks – wide, shallow in-pool shelves that let you cool off without venturing all the way into the water, they’re trendy in today’s market. Likewise, landscaping, hardscaping such as patios, walkways, or gazebos, and lighting are absolutely crucial in the house’s future value.


The pool’s long-term maintenance and annual expense are factors for a new home buyer and play a significant role in evaluating house sales prices.


Another crucial factor to the value of the house with the pool is the pool warranty.


Modularity, Long-term maintenance, pool warranty, annual maintenance expanse, and labor-intense related to the pool care all these factors could be negatively reflected on the house sales price evaluation. Unfortunately, the only pool type that has all of those criteria covered is a fiberglass pool.


tanning ledge


Modularity – fiberglass pools have less expansive options to adding spassplash decks, or tanning ledges, making the total project cost more affordable than concrete or gunite pools.


Long-term maintenance – no need to change liners as required for liner pools or re-plaster the surface or acid wash as required for concrete.


Pool warranty – prominent fiberglass pool manufacturers offer lifetime transferable warranty meaning that the pool owners deal directly with the manufacturer, unlike concrete or liner pools presented by the pool builders.


Annual maintenance expanse – due to fiberglass pool Gelcoat nonporous surface, the yearly cost of chemicals and labor is minimized.

Labor-intense related to the pool care – the same concept will apply as for annual maintenance expanse.



All and all, the fiberglass pool made by the prominent pool manufacturer will stand a better chance of increasing the house sales price among all other pool types.


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