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Most frequently inquired information about standard fiberglass pool installation.

Limited inground pool installation

Interested in building your own inground swimming pool and saving on some parts of the installation and poolscape project? One of the options Eminence Pools can offer is the so-called Dig, Drop & Set package or limited installation. Your pool will be installed by the professional pool builder, leaving you to take care of your own electric, masonry, and landscaping. Limited installation (Dig, Drop & Set) is one of the most popular fiberglass pool installation options where the homeowner can be flexible by choosing the right groups of professional tradesmen and acting as a General Contractor.

What is a "dig-drop-set" or "Limited" pool project?

Dig, drop, and set (DDS) is another fiberglass pool installation option. This installation option encompasses pool shell with delivery, pool equipment, professional pool rigging, hole excavation, setting and leveling the pool, backfilling, basic grading around the pool, trenching to a pool equipment location, and assembling pool equipment. In some instances, the homeowner provides the installer with the backfill material and organizes the excavation material removal. However, most of the time, the installer hauls the dirt and delivers the backfill material.

With DDS, The homeowner is responsible for:

  • – Township permits
  • – Water to fill the pool
  • – Inspections
  • – Electrical
  • – Bond-beam to secure the pool
  • – Pool patio
Radiance 25 fiberglass pool rendering

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Fiberglass pools limited installation process

Installation Process

The great benefit of selecting the Dig, Drop & Set pool installation package is to make sure your fiberglass pool is installed correctly and fast, leaving you to take care electrical and masonry part of the pool project. Your pool installer will take care of the most challenging part of your poolscape project, including large machinery, trucking, hauling, excavation, rigging, and manual labor. In addition, your pool will be installed following the manufacturer's specifications and requirements to ensure its long-term structural integrity.

Once your property is ready for a project and all the prerequisites and approvals have been done, the licensed builder will start installing your inground pool. The limited standard installation option usually takes 2 days from excavation to the time pool is in the ground, leveled, and ready for a bond beam. Additionally, added features and accessories will reflect on the installation time and extend it for several more days.

The following are the visual steps for the fiberglass pool installation process.

Digging the hole for fiberglass pool installation

Standard Excavation

Hole excavation for fiberglass pool according to the dig specifications. The hole must not be over-dug to leave as much of the virgin soil as possible. Different excavation conditions will influence how holes are prepared, but they will not be subject to standard excavation.

Excavated hole preparation for fiberglass pool installation

Hole Preparation

The next step is to build a pad underneath the pool. Different pool manufacturers have additional requirements on the quarry materials and specifications for the bottom pad that must be followed to maintain the pool's structural integrity. This is the part where any dewatering pipes must be installed.

Pool rigging and bring to the back yard with the crane

Pool Handling - Option 1

Fiberglass pool shell must be unloaded from the truck and brought to the excavation site. The machinery to handle the pool must be adequate to carry 2-4K+ pounds weight. A larger excavator will be a less expensive option since it can be used for the actual excavation.

Pool rigging and bring to the back yard with the excavator

Pool Handling - Option 2

Another option to handle the pool is a crane and will add more expense to the bottom line. However, in some instances, a crane will be the only option of getting the pool to the excavation site.

Pool installation - setting and leveling fiberglass pool shell in the hole

Pool Setup

The fiberglass pool shell is placed in the prepared hole and gets leveled with constant tweaks and repositioning with the help of an excavator or crane until it is ready for the backfill process.

Installing pool pipes in the trenches


All lines of pipes must be installed following the codes and requirements of local municipalities. Trances for the piping must be dug with the required depth and prepared with quarry materials. Most municipal building departments will require inspections before filling the tranches.

Backfilling fiberglass pool with stone

Gradual Backfill

The backfill process is also essential for the structural pool integrity and the esthetical look of the final product. Therefore, the backfill must be done gradually, working in conjunction with the water fill making sure the pool walls are equally pressured from inside out and backward.

Pre Bond-Beam Grading

Basic grading around the pool consists of 3-5 feet perimeter grading, leaving enough space around the pool for the cement bond-beam structure. Each manufacturer has its own requirements for the bond-beam, and the process must be followed by specific guidelines.

Fiberglass pool installation quick pick

Pool Installation

Get familiar with how fiberglass pools are installed.

Choose your fiberglass pool for the professional installation package

Choose your swimming pool style!

You can start with selecting the best pool for you to be perfect for your backyard. The cost of your installation will depend on the features you will want to add, whether you want your pool to have a spa or splash deck, heated, or have a saltwater sanitation system.

Explore your financing options

Pool Financing

After receiving your price quotes for your dig, drop and set installation package, and you know what you want for pool accessories, you can explore your financing options for the entire home improvement project, even though you are doing a lot of things by yourself or hiring someone else to do the rest of the work. When you buy from Eminence Pools, you can finance your pool and general home improvement project for up to $500K.

Exquisite color for exquisite pool, lifelong and maintenance-free pool finish

Pool Surface Colors

Choose the color for your inground fiberglass pool installation. Select from diamond-looking light color to the very dark pool color and everything in between. Make your water look like water on the sand beach or lagoon beach, or gravel beach. You can have the color of your pool water to have almost any shade of blue from dark, aqua, pale, or light. G2 series pool colors are a standard option. G3 colors have extra diamond-looking sparks and are available as an additional option.

Underwater Pool Lights

Bring your new inground fiberglass pool to the next level with 6 color-changing underwater LED lights. Make your light color anything you want with the lights remote control.

Underwater LED 6-color lights


Underwater pool lights


Inground pool installation options

More Options

You can also buy just the basic DIY kit or Assisted DIY package to ensure you can still get a warranty while building on your own and to call the shots and control all installation steps the way you want. Of course, if you think being a general contractor is not for you, you can always choose the turnkey poolscape package, so you don't have to lift a finger.

Pools DIY

Fiberglass pools DIY kits for handymen to save on the cost

turnkey construction of fiberglass swimming pools

Turnkey Construction

Inground pool installation with pool deck and patio

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Inground pool installation near me

Besides our standard installation package, you can customize one. For example, select a pool model and go with this option to describe what you’re looking for and request a quote.