Pool financing?

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Pool loans and poolscape financing

Swimming pool financing

If you're looking for fast swimming pool financing or a loan for a total poolscape, Eminence Pools has a solution for you. If you apply through our source, the swimming pool financing process is fast and uncomplicated. Our financing partners know home improvement loans because that is all they do, and they do it better than anyone - swimming pool financing and total poolscape funding!

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Installing a new swimming pool can add significant value to your home, and Eminence Pools can help you find pool financing options to make that installation a quick reality.

What is a pool loan?

A pool loan is a personal loan from a financial institution such as a bank, credit union, or online lender. These are typically unsecured loans that can be used for a wide range of purposes, including a new swimming pool or home improvement project in general. Unsecured loans are based on an applicant’s credit history and don’t require a property to be used as collateral or equity in the property to secure the loan. As a result, personal loans are more flexible, have less stringent requirements, and can be acquired relatively quickly, making them a good option for pool financing.

What is pool financing?

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Dreaming of an inground swimming pool or a total backyard renovation?

Why pool financing?

In the process of looking for the best swimming pool for you and your family, you might come to the realization that you need and additional financing for other backyard improvement projects, like fencing, a new deck or patio, landscaping, and the list can go on. Through us, you can obtain home improvement and swimming pool loans altogether.

How much can I borrow to finance the swimming pool?

Loans Available

Eminence Pools' financing partners offer the best personal loan options from as low as $1,000 for up to $500,000, and in some cases, even more. In addition, loans can typically fund in 24 hours with little-to-no documentation required from the consumer and, of course, based on the approval.

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What else I can finance with these pool loans?

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Our financing partners are a one-stop-shop for any kind of home improvement loans, a swimming pool, landscaping or hardscaping, pool house or home addition, kitchen or bath remodels, outdoor living, and more.

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What credit is needed for a pool loan?

Credit Score

Lenders usually want to see five years of credit history consisting of various account types (such as mortgages, vehicle loans, and major credit cards) with a record of consistent on-time payments. Additionally, lenders will also look at your income and debt-to-income ratio to calculate the risk and determine your ability to repay the loan. Realistically your credit score must be at least 660 or higher on the FICO scale. Those with good-to-excellent credit (above 719 FICO) will get better interest rates and lower monthly payments. However, even if you have "bad" credit, getting a pool loan may still be possible, but this will likely come at the cost of a significantly higher interest rate.

Our FICO credit score

Financing options

Credit score

These are the creditworthiness definitions by the score range

Excellent --- 720 - 850 FICO score range
Good --- 690 - 719 FICO score range
Fair --- 630 - 689 FICO score range
Bad --- 300 - 629 FICO score range

How do I actually initiate pool financing?

Fianancing Guidelines

One of the most common ways to obtain pool financing is to work directly with a pool dealer, or pool supplier since most of them are well-versed and experienced in this process and can help with the paperwork or any questions related to the project. This way, it ultimately helps speed up the process and increases the chances of getting approved for the loan.

Let's get started

Select a pool that best suits your desires and inquire about prices.
Schedule your meeting with the poolscape contractor.
Finalize your total poolscape package and cost.
Sign a poolscape agreement (contingent upon the financing).
Apply for financing with Eminence Pools financing partners.
Get a pre-approval within 24 hours.
Receive funds directly from the lender within 7-10 days.

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We proudly present a collection of fiberglass inground pools for every backyard size, personal taste, and budget. You can find pools from classic, modern, freeform styles to complicated inground modular swimming pools with tanning ledges, splash decks, spas, saltwater features, heated and illuminated. Inquire with Eminence Pools to see if you can buy these pools as a Do-It-Yourself kit.

Inground pool installation options you can finance

Select Project Type

You can buy the Eminence Pools assisted pool DIY package if you don’t need installation services. It ensures you can still get a warranty while putting the shell in place on your own. Use this program to call the shots and control all installation steps the way you want. Not for you? Consider a turnkey package for any design that catches your fancy. It includes excavation, installation, and deck construction services, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Eminence Pools offers the most diversified packages starting from just shells to the complete turnkey solutions and everything in between. Not every pool will be qualified for a basic DIY kit due to the manufacturer's restrictions. Select your pool model and package and inquire for more detailed information.

Do it yourself - DIY

Inground pools DIY kits for handymen to save on the cost

dig, drop and set fiberglass pools

Limited Installation

Limited pool installation near you for GC type homeowner

turnkey construction of fiberglass swimming pools

Turnkey construction

Inground pool installation with pool-deck and patio

Get a quote for your project today!

Fiberglass inground pools near me

Besides pools DIY and pool turnkey packages, you can customize one. For example, select a pool model and go with this option to describe what you’re looking for and request a quote.

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