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Most frequently asked information about turnkey pool building.

Poolscapes Designs

Turnkey pool construction is for someone who doesn't want to move the finger and have a swimming pool installed without any involvement, from a swimming pool to a custom complex poolscape design for the entire backyard amenities and landscape. Thousands of families throughout the United States have used Eminence Pools as a source for their total poolscapes designs, ideas, and construction, converting their backyards into a perfect gateway from the ordinary.

What is a turnkey pool project?

The definition of the turnkey fiberglass inground swimming pool construction involves providing a complete pool project including working with municipalities; designing, building, supplying, and installing complete and ready to operate a swimming pool with complete pool patio electric wiring and connection.

Typical turnkey pool installation:

  • – Assistance with permits
  • – Assistance with engineering
  • – Quarry materials
  • – Pool shell and equipment delivered
  • – Excavation
  • – Hauling
  • – Pool shell installation
  • – Water for pool
  • – Pool equipment assembly
  • – Inspections
  • – Grading around the pool
  • – Electrical hookup
  • – Bond-beam construction
  • – Patio construction
The Prominence splash deck for Prominence fiberglass pool

What is the difference between pool turnkey and poolscape turnkey?

Pool turnkey vs. Poolscape turnkey

The pool turnkey - limited to only building a pool with minor features completed with the surrounding deck.
Poolscape turnkey - since the definition of the poolscape is a landscape dominated by a pool, it includes turnkey construction in addition to connected fully designed and built backyard hardscape and landscape.

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Fiberglass swimming pool turnkey installation process

Steps to get started

Since any poolscape has a swimming pool as a centerpiece, the first step is to select the style and size you envision for your ideal backyard solution. Whether or not you would like to have a tanning ledge or splash deck or if you want to add a spa as a part of your pool set up, getting an idea of the actual pool and what it should do for you is an essential part of the prerequisites.


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Pool Style

Explore different styles, shapes, and sizes of our fiberglass pools. If you have imagination, you can create any modular design with these pools much faster than any other inground pool type and with the best transferable warranty.

Exquisite color for exquisite pool, lifelong and maintenance-free pool finish

Pool Color

Why the color of your swimming pool is essential? The color of the surface will change the perception of the way the pool water will look. And, of course, it will correlate to the design of the entire surroundings.

Our pools are made with the most durable Gelcoat layer and have colors from light diamond-looking to the very dark pool color and everything in between. Make your water look like water on the sand, lagoon, or pebbles beach. You can have the color of your pool water to have almost any shade of blue from dark, aqua, pale, or light. G2 series pool colors are a standard option. G3 colors have extra diamond-looking sparks and are available as an additional option. Our pools will never require any resurfacing or any special treatments, therefore considered to be maintenance-free.

The following color chips have a background showing the way the water will look like.

Know your options for your pool deck and patio.

Deck & Patio

There are many options for decks and patios and involve a variety of different materials and application techniques. However, any poolscape design is based on the color theme and specific dominating materials. Therefore it is imperative to match the design of your surrounding deck with the rest of the poolscape. The budget will play an initial role in deciding since there is no limit to what you can do with the unlimited funds.

You can look at brushed concrete, multi-color stamped concrete, or pavers and tiles for your deck and patio. Also, pavers and tiles, just like a car, have different higher and lower cost options due to their quality and longevity of the use, or whether the pavers are pervious or impervious.

Standard brushed concrete pool deck

Brushed Concrete

Standard pool deck option

Colored stamped concrete pool deck

Stamped Concrete

Variety of stamp patterns and colors

Pool deck pavers and tiles

Pavers & Tiles

Unlimited selection of pool patio pavers and tiles

Choose your pool accessoriest

Pool Accessories

There are unlimited options to accessorize your swimming pool for convenience or pleasure. For example, you can make it to the point you will be able to control all of your pool features from the airplane with a sophisticated pool automation system, or you can have a pleasurable swimming experience with illuminated and heated water.

What else is important to know? Oh yeah, water sanitization. Well, the standard sanitizer for any swimming pool is a chlorine feeder that can be installed in line with the rest of the equipment or be a simple floater. The next step up is a mineral sanitization system that is installed between your pump and filter, or another option is saltwater, which is a simple term for a Salt Chlorine Generator. The best way to learn about it is to schedule a consultation with our consultants.

Underwater LED lights

Underwater lights

LED 6-color underwater lights are a definite aesthetical enhancement for any poolscapes

Mineral system sanitizer

Mineral system

Mineral sanitation systems are growing in their popularity due to inexpensive and less labor-intensive maintenance

Saltwater for DIY kit

Saltwater system

Saltwater system or another name for it is Salt Chlorine Generator is a very popular way to sanitize water.

Gas heater - natural or propane

Gas heater

Natural gas or propane heaters are mainly used for speed heating and are popular for a pool and spa combination.

Heat pump for DIY kit

Heat pump

Heat pumps are relatively new to the market but quickly gaining popularity among swimming pool owners due to their less expensive operation.

Explore your financing option


After receiving your price quotes for your swimming pool, deck, patio, accessories, hardscaping, and landscaping, now is the time to finalize your budget and possibly explore your financing options. When you buy through Eminence Pools, you can finance your pool and general home improvement project for up to $500K.

100% direct-to-consumer no-stage funding so the homeowner can completely control how they want to spend their money.

Maybe you want to do your own installation?

Diversified pool offerings

If the total poolscape design and construction is not what you are looking for, maybe a pool DIY or Limited installation package will excite your more! Use these programs to call the shots and control all installation steps the way you want.

Pools DIY

Fiberglass pools DIY kits for handymen to save on the cost

dig, drop and set fiberglass pools

Limited Installation

Limited pool installation near me for GC type homeowner

Poolscape pictures

Poolscape Showcase Gallery

We present you with some ideas of the poolscape designs that you can incorporate into your backyard theme. The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do with our pools.

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Total poolscapes near me

Besides total poolscapes designs and construction, you can customize your purchase from pools DIY kits, Assisted DIY, and limited installation. For example, select a pool model and go with this option to describe what you’re looking for and request a quote.