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Most frequently asked questions about the inground pools DIY.

Build your own pool

Currently, pools DIY is taking a substantial pool market share in the United States pool industry as a cost-saving activity, with the sole purpose of eliminating a profit margin collected by third-party pool contractors by undertaking pool construction and various other small construction projects.

DIY or Do it Yourself

What is it?

By definition Do it Yourself, also known as DIY, is the method of building, modifying, or repairing something without the extensive aid of experts or professionals.

What are the benefits of building a pool as DIY?

There are mainly two significant benefits to doing your own pool as DIY installation:

  • – Be your own GC and get the profit margin instead of the pool installer.
  • – Remove dependency from the pool contractor and be in charge of your installation schedule.

Why fiberglass pool kits are best for pool DIY?

The fiberglass pools industry could accommodate one of the best and easiest inground pools DIY installations since the fiberglass pool shell is already built and ready to be installed. The only drawback in a fiberglass pools DIY installation is the warranty obtained only by the factory-authorized installer.

Will I loose pool warranty with pool DIY?

SPN offers a comprehensive Pool DIY Assist Program designed to ensure that the factory’s pool warranty is issued upon supervised, verified, and protocol compliant pool installation.

Can I buy any fiberglass pool as a DIY kit?

Due to the pool manufacturer’s restrictions, not every pool will be qualified for a basic pool DIY kit. Some manufacturers of fiberglass inground pools simply don’t care, but most prominent manufacturers will require proof of the compliant installation that involves the established guidelines from their authorized dealers. 

Why inground pool installers don’t like selling pools DIY!

Most fiberglass inground pool contractors are standing against selling pools DIY since they are the ones who lose the market share to the handy and energetic consumers. However, installing a fiberglass inground pool with a fiberglass DIY kit is not rocket science and is being done every day by many homeowners.

What are the fundamental requirements for fiberglass pool installation?

It is all about doing your homework and getting everything organized for a perfectly flawless pool installation. There should not be any rushed decisions or any last-minute arrangements. The property mark-outs must be scheduled in advance for an excavation, ensuring that the excavation ground is free of any power, gas, and cable lines. Township permits must be obtained and proper inspections scheduled. Here is the list of actions that involve in every inground fiberglass installation:

  • – Excavation machinery
  • – Spreader bar or long straps for pool rigging
  • – If limited access crane to move and set the pool
  • – Backfill material
  • – Water for a pool
  • – Pool filtration and circulation equipment
  • – Pipes and plumbing components
  • – Electrical sub-panel and wiring
  • – Concrete bond beam to structurally secure the pool shell in the ground
Inground pool DIY installation

Get your hands dirty

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Variety of DIY options

Available DIY Packages

Some fiberglass pools may not be available from Eminence Pools as a DIY kit and are subject to the manufacturer's territorial rules. However, you can select the pool you would like to buy as a pools DIY kit, and we will give you a detailed response at no time.

  • - The fiberglass pool shell will be delivered to the project site or picked up from the factory by the homeowner.
  • - [Optional] Authorized pool technician to supervise the installation process.
  • - The pool shell will be delivered to the project site or picked up from the pool factory by the homeowner
  • - The pool equipment will be delivered to the project site or picked up from the local supply house.
  • - [Optional] Authorized pool technician to supervise the installation process.
  • - The pool shell will be delivered to the project site or picked up from the pool manufacturer by the homeowner.
  • - The pool equipment will be delivered to the project site or picked up from the local supply house.
  • - Authorized pool technician to supervise the installation process.

Fiberglass DIY inground pool kits

Select your pool style!

We proudly present a collection of fiberglass inground pools for every backyard size, personal taste, and budget. You can find pools from classic, modern, freeform styles to complicated inground modular swimming pools with tanning ledges, splash decks, spas, saltwater features, heated and illuminated. Inquire with Eminence Pools to see if you can buy these pools as a Do-It-Yourself kit.

Inground shell DIY kit components

Pool Shell Kit

What does any swimming poolmust have to accommodate the water flow? Skimmer, main drain, and water returns will make a standard water circulation complete. Fiberglass DIY shell kits provided by Eminence Pools consist of standard pool accessories necessary for essential circulation.

Fiberglass pool shell

Inground shell

Variety of pool kits available for DIY

Skimmer kit for DIY installation

Skimmer kit

Oversized skimmer kit to accommodate the adequate water intake

Pool dual main drain kit for pool DIY

Dual main drain kit

Main drains are optional for an inground swimming pool, yet they are a part of our shell kit

Returns for pools DIY kit

Return jets

Water returns are necessary for a water flow

DIY pool equipment kit

Standard Equipment Kit

Standard pool equipment kit contains three main necessaries for pool circulation - pump, filter, and sanitizer. These pieces of equipment can vary in their size and adequately match with the pool gallonage.

Filter for pools DIY kit


Pool filters can be sand, cartridge, or DE, and the size is selected to accommodate the gallonage of the pool

Pump for DIY pool kit

Circulation pump

The most common pool pump size is 1.5Hp to accommodate for up to 6 water returns. Therefore, the formula is 0.25Hp per return.

Inline chlorine feeder

The most basic inline pool sanitation is chlorine feeder. It automatically dispenses chlorine into the pool.

Available upgrades

Get Wild

Many optional equipment and accessories for a swimming pool are not necessary for a standard operation. They are all considered to be luxury addons and do add esthetical and physical satisfaction into day to day swimming experience.

Underwater LED lights

Underwater lights

LED 6-color underwater lights are a definite aesthetical enhancement for any poolscapes

Mineral system sanitizer

Mineral system

Mineral sanitation systems are growing in their popularity due to inexpensive and less labor-intensive maintenance

Saltwater for DIY kit

Saltwater system

Saltwater system or another name for it is Salt Chlorine Generator is a very popular way to sanitize water.

Gas heater - natural or propane

Gas heater

Natural gas or propane heaters are mainly used for speed heating and are popular for a pool and spa combination.

Heat pump for DIY kit

Heat pump

Heat pumps are relatively new to the market but quickly gaining popularity among swimming pool owners due to their less expensive operation.

Finance inground pool kits with Eminence Pools

DIY Kit Financing

Eminence Pools offers fast financing for anything related to the home improvement process. Therefore, financing is available for pool DIY kits and accessories. When you buy from Eminence Pools, you can finance not only the fiberglass DIY pool kits but even your other home improvement projects for up to $500K.

Inground pool installation options

More Options

You can also buy standard installation with your new pool - Dig, Drop & set package, where you still have an option to save on your electrical and patio by doing it on your own. Of course, if you think being a general contractor is not for you, you can always choose the turnkey poolscape package, so you don't have to lift a finger.

dig, drop and set fiberglass pools

Limited Installation

Limited pool installation near me for GC type homeowner

turnkey construction of fiberglass swimming pools

Turnkey Construction

Inground pool installation with pool deck and patio

Get a quote for your project today!

Inground pools DIY kits near me

Besides pools DIY and turnkey packages, you can customize one. For example, select a pool model and go with this option to describe what you’re looking for and request a quote.