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Knowing and understanding the intricacies and specifics of constructing swimming pools, Eminence Pools incorporates every single industry knowledge into each detail of fabrication in creating its Eminence Pools series. That's why our pool collection is not only installer-friendly but also better than the conventional composite construction. Like cars, all of our pools are fabricated in a factory-controlled environment that is specifically equipped and staged for individual fabrication phases, going through pervasive quality control before leaving the factory.

EMINENCE ADVANCED COMPOSITES vs. Traditional or Lightweight Manufacturing Application Methods

Advanced Composites
& Reinforcement

Pools' durability and strength ratio is based on various factors such as the composite application methods and materials, reinforcement methods and reinforcement materials (if any used), and the projected design and shape advancements.

There are only three pool manufacturing applications currently prevalent on the US market - Traditional, Lightweight, and Advanced. Eminence Advanced Composites and Reinforcement Application methods of the Eminence Pools are the most technologically advanced and designed to build the most durable, tensile, and longstanding pools. Our composite application method implicates the newest industry-approved standards to ensure fiberglass pools are built to withhold time and extend pool exploitation. The weight of the fiberglass pool directly corresponds to the composite materials used. In addition, the correct wall inclination angle will ensure the pool's resistance to external hydrostatic pressure.

Advanced Application

Exquisite Color for Exquisite Pool

Exclusive Finish

Exquisite color for exquisite pool, lifelong, and maintenance-free pool finish. Choose the color for your fiberglass inground pool. Select from diamond-looking light color to the very dark pool color and everything in between. Make your water look like water on the sand beach or lagoon beach, or gravel beach. You can have the color of your pool water to have almost any shade of blue from dark, aqua, pale, or light. Eminence Pools come in many G2 and G3 Series colors to please your design theme. G3 Series offers vast sky stars sparkling elements to G2 Series, making Eminence Pools unique in every way. Unique pattern, lifelong and maintenance-free pool finish – this is Eminence Pools.

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Eminence Fiberglass Pools from classic, modern, freeform styles to complex modular pool designs, tanning ledges, splash decks, spas, saltwater features, heated, automated, and illuminated.

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