Questions about swimming pools
By: EP

Can a fiberglass pool pop out of the ground?

People often do ask if the shell will pop out of the ground after it’s installed.


Like any vessel, whether fiberglass pool, gunite pool, or liner, the same concept will apply. Extensive hydro pressure from underneath the pool can push the pool shell out of the ground, no matter the pool type, unless the installer has done a proper job. Three “must-do” rules will apply – pool always must be kept full of water, masons must build adequate bond-beam that the manufacturer requires, and builder must install dewatering pipe.


So the answer to that question is No. In fact, it’s the most misleading myth in the pool industry created by the builders that offer the other pool types. 


There are some horror stories about concrete pools getting off the ground, vinyl liner pools collapsing, and fiberglass pools being washed off the ground. There are always be those stories related to the bad disastrous construction outcomes, whether or not by the fault of contractors or even homeowners.


A correctly installed fiberglass pool will never pop up after the concrete bond beam is poured, the pool remains full of water, and a dewatering pipe is installed.


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