The actual truth about installing inground pools
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The actual truth about installing inground pools

Don’t always believe everything you read on the internet.

It is funny when so-called experts offer advice on cost or installation without the slightest ideas or reality check on the subject. 


Whether it is HomeAdvisor or Angi, or some Loan companies that suddenly became experts in this matter, providing 10 years old price breakdowns for inground pools installations. But in reality, that information is very misleading and is done only to persuade people to use their services. 


There is no such thing as one scenario fits all. Also, a company or two always bid on the project so low that they cannot finish the job or keep charging hidden fees until it becomes the actual price for a job. 

What is the actual legitimate price for the inground pool installation?

Pool prices vary not only by the pool type but also by the type’s own sub-criteria by which the price is being determined. When you buy a car, you probably know what kind of car you want – SUV, Sedan, Hatchback, Crossover, Coup, etc. But each type also has its variation by brand, capacity, and package. The pool industry is no different. For example, professional manufacturers make fiberglass pools in a controlled environment, and just like cars, there are Rolls Royce, Mercedes, or Shevy equivalent to the manufacturers of fiberglass pools. Each brand has its own technology and product warranty, as well as they produce different volumes depending on the demand. Pool shells from one pool manufacturer can cost $25K, the same size shells from another will cost $50K, and of course, the quality of the product will be adequate to the price paid. 


Today, dealing with extreme price fluctuations for the materials and supplies and labor, the cost of the inground pool is rapidly going up, and there is no indication that it will ever drop to the pre pandemics times.


Fiberglass pools are so in demand that most manufacturers are backlogged in production time for a year and even more with the cost that skyrocketed due to the material shortages and the labor cost. In addition, the construction of Gunite or monolithic pour pools in its core is heavily dependent on professional labor that is almost impossible to acquire anymore, and the labor cost has quadrupled in the past year. 


Gunite pools are the most profit-made pool type in the industry, and there is no true formula on why they are priced the way they are.


The vinyl liner pool industry is subject to the same price fluctuation as fiberglass, and pool kits production is also backlogged by most more prominent manufacturers.


You can keep searching for information about prices for inground pool installation, but the best way is to contact several pool companies and have an actual discussion.


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If I buy today, will I have my pool installed by summer?

Today, if a homeowner is ready to buy a pool, the chances are there is a 1-2 years waiting list, and even that time guideline can change. In addition, many pool companies don’t even respond to new inquiries or make their sales over the phone without going to the project sites, leading to many unforeseen issues and extra charges down the line. 


The current situation will not change by next year or the year after, and most likely will take another 4-5 years to slow down or even more. Many people will not be traveling for a long time, and they all turn their heads to real estate and backyard enhancements.


The conclusion is, if you are looking for an inground swimming pool, you need to take your place in the waiting line and get ready to be patient. Of course, some companies also have a shorter waiting list than others, but unless you reach out to them, you will never find out.

Pool installations near me

As you are possibly aware, looking for a local installation company in your neighborhood is not the only solution in today’s world. Unfortunately, as a result, many installers take advantage and escalate their pricing since they might be the only players in town.


It is not wise to limit yourself to the geographically suitable option. In fact, some pool companies are more than willing to step out of their geographical comfort zone to get the job done well.


In some cases, the homeowner should start wearing a GC hat and organize each aspect of the poolscape or pool installation project. Of course, it might not be an ideal role for some homeowners, but if they want to have a swimming pool in the nearest future, getting heavily involved with the poolscape project might not be such a bad idea.


And if you decide to become your own General Contractor, you probably will start looking into pools DIY and all possible options for a do-it-yourself approach.

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