Swimming pool financing
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How can I finance my swimming pool project?

Read more about financing with Eminence Pools   As you plan your new inground swimming pool, you may realize the need for financing. When you buy from Eminence Pools, you can finance your pool and general home improvement project for up to $500K.

100% direct-to-consumer no-stage funding

There are several financing companies on the market, and they all get the job done. The difference between them is whether or not they offer 100% direct-to-consumer funding and no-stage funding. It means some companies don’t release funds to the homeowner but rather to constructors, and they do it based on the preset stages. For example, Eminence Pools offers 100% direct-to-consumer no-stage funding so the homeowner can completely control how they want to spend their money.

What if there is no home equity left?

No equity – no problem. The loan options are based on homeowner income and creditworthiness. Homeowners get all the money funded directly, upfront. 

How fast pool financing process will take?

The company we work with offers fast swimming pool financing, home improvement loans, or a loan for a backyard renovation project. As they say, getting a home improvement loan or swimming pool financing doesn’t have to be a complicated or time-consuming process. 

Once approved, loans can typically fund in 24 hours with little-to-no documentation required from the consumer.

How do we apply for pool financing?

  • – Select a fiberglass pool model that best suits what you are looking for.
  • – Finalize your pool package.
  • – Sign an agreement that will be contingent upon financing.
  • – Apply for financing.
Read more about financing with Eminence Pools   Inground swimming pool financing

Modular Pools

Fiberglass pools with spa and splash deck

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Sunset 30 Fiberglass Pools 3D Rendering

Sunrise 30

14' x 30' x 6'

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Aurora 20 Fiberglass Pools 3D Rendering

Sunrise 25

12' x 26' x 4' 7"

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