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Why Eminence Pools

Why Eminence Pools


If water in the pool remains clean and warm at night, if entering into the pool on slip-resistant steps is comfortable and safe, if you want to spend a relaxing summer evening in and around stylishly illuminated pool water…

Then it must be an Eminence Pool!



Eminence Pools Design

All prefabricated Eminence Pools feature timeless, classic, minimalistic designs that can be perfectly integrated into any backyard and garden surrounding.

The styles, shapes and colors of Eminence Pools make them a congruent addition to any residential design theme. An Eminence Pool will always be the focal point and highlight of your designed environment and be operated by a technically equivalent flow of calculated noiseless equipment, technical parts that are functional, yet not visible. Eminence Pools offers the most exquisite water features, a place of relaxation for people of all ages, as well as a place for extensive exercise and health therapy.



Eminence Pools Advanced Composites (EPAC) and Reinforcement Application Method (RAM) are the most technologically advanced in the industry, designed to build the most durable, tensile and longstanding pools.

Eminence Pools Composite Application Method (CAM) implicates the newest industry approved standards to make sure that pools are built to withhold time and extended pool exploitation.


The construction of Eminence Pools consists of seven layers and a closed-beam structure. Each layer performs a specific function, and when combined together, create the most durable and strongest pools in today’s market.


The surface of Eminence Pools is constructed with a special marine grade colored layer that makes the pool walls very smooth and nonporous. It keeps dirt, algae, and lime scale from adhering, making the surface easy to clean and maintain. Any scratches can be easily buffed out as required, and a glossy, smooth finish ensures that the pool continues to look great and fresh after many years of responsible use.


All Eminence Pools are as functional as you would expect from a luxury pool with as much style as possible and as little technology as necessary.


Through constant improvements and innovation, Eminence Pools offer a synergy of design and functionality that is exclusively unique on the market.

ecofriendly, sustainable, balanced