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Fiberglass Swimming Pools - All You Need To Know

Fiberglass Swimming Pools - All You Need To Know

Installing a swimming pool is a complex procedure. The most important question in this context is choosing the right kind of material. From vinyl to concrete to fiberglass, the range of options is huge. Different materials have different types of features. The fiberglass swimming pools are increasingly becoming popular. They look sleek, elegant, quick installation process, extensive warranties and are a relatively low maintenance option.

The Key Advantages

In fact, there are many other advantages of this kind of swimming pools.

Readymade alternative: The fiberglass pools are generally pre-made in controlled environment and come ready to install.

Time-efficient: As a result, these swimming pools can be installed in a very short time. Unlike concrete pools, which take close up to 3 months, you can easily install fiberglass in one day. You might need total of 2-3 weeks to work the electrical and masonry after the pool installed in the ground.

Low-Cost Option: Though fiberglass pools cost almost as much as concrete ones, initially, they are cheaper over the longer term. The average cost ranges anywhere between $25,000-65,000. Most of these fiberglass pools last almost a lifetime, different manufacturers offer different warranties. So the cost evens out significantly over the number of years. You don't need to replace the vinyl linear and there is no need for any form of resurfacing either.

Limited Maintenance: Even in terms of maintenance cost, it is almost next to zero. The smooth finish of the fiberglass and inner coating makes algae deposit difficult. The shell of the pool, that way remains smooth and pollutant free without much of an effort.

Sturdy: The fiberglass pools can be sleek and sophisticated, but they are quite sturdy. They last for decades together and see little impact of regular wear and tear. Moreover, most these shells have a lifetime warranty. This reflects the manufacturer's conviction in them.

Smooth: The fiberglass pool has a very smooth service. It is non-abrasive and gives you a trouble-free swimming experience. You can easily touch the surface without the fear of any injury. This makes it especially suitable for children. They do not run the risk of any injury, and the feel does not feel when they step on it.

Good for skin: Very little chemicals are used in these fiberglass pools. As a result, they do not harm your skin. If you are sensitive to chemicals, this could be a wonderful option to explore.


However, you cannot customize the design of fiberglass swimming pools. Most times, these are readymade options with minimal scope for alteration. There is also a slight limitation on their depth and sizes.

That said, the benefits are the extensive warranty and especially the low maintenance feature makes it a value for money buy. There are no incremental costs involved either. Once installed, you can simply relax and enjoy the benefits of swimming in your own pool.

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