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Composite Armour™ Reinforced Swimming Pools

By definition Kevlar Composite Pool, also known as Kevlar Core fiberglass pool, is the pool constructed with a strategically integrated laminate that consists of a blend of DupontKevlar®, Carbon Fiber and Basalt Fiber, designed to significantly reinforce the composite swimming pool. It is called Composite Armour™and is registered trademark of Leisure Pools.

Composite Armour™ in the pool shell laminate offers tremendous improvement in flexural and tensile strength compared with normally constructed standard fiberglass pools.

Composite Armour™ core of strength is strategically integrated in critical locations of the swimming pool to provide improved flexural and tensile strength to provide a stronger swimming pool.

Kevlar Composite Pools Manufacturing Process

Kevlar Composite Pools have a Patent Pending by Leisure Pools to be the only company able to offer a composite fiberglass swimming pool with a full Vinyl Ester Resin Construction.

Composite Armour™ Pool Layers

Kevlar layers

The first exterior layer of the Kevlar Composite Pools is standard gel-coat or factory patented color finish coat. Next two (2) layers are Vinyl Ester Corrosive Resistant Structural Laminate. Fourth layer is Composite Armour™ Core of Strength. Fifth layer is Vinyl Ester Corrosive Resistant Structural Laminate. Sixth layer is Vinyl Ester Corrosive Resistant Barrier.

Standard fiberglass pool manufacturers however only use Vinyl Ester Resin as one layer on the swimming pool as Vinyl Ester Resin is generally double the cost of a Polyester Resin, which is a cheaper resin and it is used to provide bulk to the swimming pool. Unfortunately, even with this one layer of Vinyl Ester Resin, osmosis has still on occasion appeared and swimming pools have on occasion failed using this standard manufacturing method. This may have been because manufacturers attempt to use as little Vinyl Ester Resin as possible given it is generally double the cost of the cheaper Polyester Resin.


High performance fibers have been used in many cutting edge applications. DuPontKevlar® is used in bullet proof vests, body armor, military vehicles, wind turbines and aerospace applications. Carbon Fiber and Bassalt Fiber are used in aerospace and high performance automotive applications.

When combined through Kevlar Composite Pools patented new technology, Composite Armourbrings a new level of performance to the production of composite swimming pools.

In the manufacturing process of Kevlar Composite Pools factory is using Corrosive Resistant Vinyl Ester Resin for each layer of the swimming pool construction (except the gel-coat layer). It is one of the key layers that have been introduced over the last 20 years. Vinyl Ester Resin is a high performance resin that provides improved strength properties and inhibits water penetration into the laminate, which is commonly referred to as osmosis.

So why is it important to have improved flexural and tensile strengths? With changing weather conditions we are exposed to greater extremes of weather from floods to droughts. As a result, when we have floods the ground swells and when we have droughts the ground contracts. As a result, anything installed in the ground is exposed to extremes of ground movement.

Kevlar Composite Pools with the use of the Composite Armour Core of Strength are providing additional flexural and tensile strength properties through the use of high performance fibers such as DuPont™ Kevlar®, Carbon Fiber and Bassalt Fiber to better withstand these ground movement changes.

Composite Armour™Technology

Traditional fiberglass pools provide the feature of flexibility they also have the weakness of not feeling solid under foot as the pool shell is designed to flex.

Kevlar Composite Pools through its Composite Armour™ Step Technologyhas been able to reduce step and bench deflection providing a "solid" foundation for entry and exit steps and benches compared with normally constructed fiberglass pools.

The Composite Armour™ Step Technology provides the customer with a feeling of a solid foundation whilst still maintaining the many benefits of structural flexibility in the design of the swimming pool shell.

Note: Testing shows that a Kevlar Composite Pools are 111% stronger than a standard fiberglass swimming pool.

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