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Ceramic Core Reinforced Swimming Pools

Ceramic CoreTechnology

By definition Ceramic Composite Pool, also known as Ceramic Core fiberglass pool, is the pool constructed with an additional core layer of combined materials consisting of ceramics, silicates, resins, polymers, and specific additives, designed to create an extra strength and to enhance pool’s water resistance above and beyond standard fiberglass pool.

Ceramic Composite Pools Layers

Ceramic layers

The first exterior layer of the Ceramic Composite Pool is standard the gel-coat or factory patented color finish coat. Next layer is Vinyl Ester Resin, chopped fiberglass for extra strength, Woven Roven Glass Cloth for impact resistance and blister protection. Third layer is Ceramic Core to increase structural strength, impact resistance, enhanced expansion, contraction, and water resistance. The last layer is a hand-laid and chopped fiberglass to act as corrosion barrier and enhance durability. Ceramic Composite Pools also come with Closed Beam Construction to employ the strongest method of construction available in the industry, to strengthen the coping around the pool, allowing for easier lifting of the pool and greater structural integrity during the lifetime of the structure.


Ceramic core technology was first introduced into the swimming pool market in 1993 by Compass Pools of Australia. It was quickly patented in Australia by Compass and then shortly thereafter, Viking Pools, LLC introduced the technology to North America. Since that time, over one hundred thousand swimming pools have been installed throughout the world with ceramic core technology and out performing their specifications.

The complex mix of components contained within the ceramic core offers greater structural strength, more impact resistance, enhanced expansion and contraction properties, and better waterproofing characteristics than more traditional fiberglass pool construction.

Some of the advantages of the ceramic core are less shrinkage and warping, improved physical properties or strength in moldings, castings, and laminates, reduced water absorption, and improved chemical resistance. These are all characteristics that any homeowner would want in a swimming pool. More layers, using greater structural and waterproofing components, equals better long term performance. Independent lab tests showed the ceramic core pools having the flexural strength of 41,796 P.S.I

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